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History of Sugnall Hall Estate

The third baronet, another Thomas, was probably the builder of the old hall’s kitchens (around 1680) which survive to this day. There are also still the steps that lead down to vaulted cellars under an area in front of the kitchens — a remnant of the Jacobean house.

Sir Thomas’s heir was his granddaughter, Arabella, who in 1730 married John Campbell, the son of a Scottish Earl, and who was known by the courtesy title of Lord Glenorchy. He was a great improver of the estate, rearranging fields and planting.

Glenorchy sold the estate in 1770, and in the nineteenth century its fragmented parcels passed down through several owners until Charles Lowe, who manufactured antiseptics, purchased and started reassembling an estate. His son Charles Edwin continued the process and in 1959 was succeeded by his granddaughter Anne, wife of Greville Jacques.

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